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IKARUS tailor made air conditioning systems

are designed with the desired capacity for any type of room to be conditioned, with the dimension optimisation in accordance with the available space in your system. The room to be conditioned can be on a boat, on a ship, on an offshore plant, an armory room, an electrical cabinet, a truck or an aeroplane. According to the application type, we design air conditioning system with water cooled or air cooled condenser principally. Then, the other options may vary according to the details of the application. As well as we can start a project together by tailor made scenario, we may also quote our standard applications.


KARUS ISC self contained units have 8 capacity ranges from 6,000 up to 36,000 btu/h cooling capacity. By PC301 digital control unit, your finger touches are able to control the climate of your conditioned room anytime.


IKARUS ISC self contained air conditioners are manufactured with 304 class drain pan, evaporator cabinet and fixing parts. Cu-Ni condenser, blue hydrophilic epoxy coated Cu/Al evaporator. By this way, they have high resistance to the seawater in the long term. Your IKARUS ISC unit is also easy to be installed by 3 fixing elements on a convenient space. Fan body is able to rotate between 0°-90° which enables an easy installation during the installation of air ducts.


Units are reverse-cycle as standard, having all components in a single chassis under compact design of 17 years engineering in the field. Sound level is excellent by the Class Rotary Compressors and quality components that we use.

ICW72-2 copy.jpg

IKARUS ICW series chilled water units are designed and manufactured under project basis. Danfoss Control System is used, where the compressors are economically operates in order, as well as the compressor start is realized one by one to keep genset supply optimum. Another second control for the wheelhouse may be obtained upon request, in order to observe the chiller operation remotely.


IKARUS ICW chillers are manufactured with 304 class cabinet and fixing parts, 90/10 Cu-Ni condenser and 316 class plate type heat exchanger. Units are reverse-cycle as standard. By capacity there is no limit as long as the space is available, as the starting range is 16,000 btu/h for monophase and 30,000 btu/h for threephase models.


You can combine ICW series with IFC series fan coil units that are installed each conditioned room, having control units individually. According the required project specifications, inverter versions of chilled water units are also advised and manufactured.

IKARUS IFC fan coil units are manufactured starting from 4,000 btu/h cooling capacity up to any customized capacity. By optional control units, your finger touches are able to control the climate of the conditioned room by the way you like.


IKARUS IFC fan coil units are manufactured with 304 SS cabinet, 304 SS drain pan and blue hydrophilic epoxy coated Cu/Al evaporator. Air filter is fixed in a frame to be removed and washed. Unit has 3 fixing elements to be installed on a convenient space.


Fan is fixed inside the cabinet and during the installation you have options to adjust fan outlet horizontally or vertically according to desired blowing outlet. For ceiling applications, horizontally slim units are available.

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Features&Benefits of IKARUS AC units


excellently quite sound level

comfort of wide control sound panel options

less power consumpsion, less genset capacity requirement

Excellent data communication by reference sensors

easy installation and user friendly

compact design fits into limited spaces

your IKARUS is under protection by high pressure switch

your IKARUS is under protection against low pressure by coil sensor

chromium cabinet blocks the sound, protects your IKARUS unit from outer effects and obtains attractive appearance

flex fan direction the housing blower is able to rotate 0-90 degrees to support installation diffficulties according to the available space.

blue hydrophilic epoxy coated evaparator supports easy drainage and prevents to get dusty

IKARUS units are equipped with 90/10 Cupper-Nickel

high resistant condenser

IKARUS units are designed reverse cycle, both for cooling and heating

pre-heating fan blow starts once the unit is ready for efficient heating

automatic fan in order to provide set room temperature, fan speed is set convenient one of three steps automatically

in case of any unexpected powercuts, unit will delay functioning 3 minutes to protect compressor and the circuit for security


IKARUS units have elegant and functional soft touch control unit having power supply output to the seawater pump


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