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(by splitter & anticovid feature)

Installation of marine air conditioner is based on 2 lines. Seawater line, feeding the condenser of AC, and the air line, feeding the conditioned room by air. The seawater line consists of seawater inlet, which is the rough filter for the seawater, then the seawater strainer, which is the real filtering. The pump is the main item on this line to provide the water to the condenser. The water line outlets the used water through the drainage line and seawater outlet.

The air line is the circulation of the room air through the AC, and let this flow conditioned by the desired temperature and conditions. The return air is gotten by the AC and supplied as a conditioned air through the air duct, plenum box and supply air grill. It is possible to split the supply air and feed the rooms partially by a single AC. In this case, an air splitter will be helpful. As the outlet of the splitters can be the same diameter, or according to the air flow of conditioned rooms, can be chosen different as well.

Layer 32.png
Layer 33.png

Since 2020, after the world is effected by the covid-19 pandemy, the studies on the mixture of fresh air with the return air got more important. Thus, we developped all ISC and IFC series with an optional inlet to have fresh air in the self-contained units. By this way, possibily infected return air would mix with the healthy fresh air, and the risk of the infection in the room is reduced. As per the drawing on the left, once the top of the unit is used for blowing of the fan, side gap can be used for fresh air inlet if prefered by IKARUS users, vice verse if the side outlet is used for fan blow, top gap is used for fresh air inlet. The direction of the fan blow and fresh air inlet can be determined according to the convenient installation space.


As the subject system is optional during the orders, the default unit comes by return air circulation system as standard. 

If you refer to the drawing on the right hand, you will see highlighted view of the mixture, where the red colour stands for the return air and blue one for the fresh air. The ratio of the mixture can be arranged 30-70%, 50-50% or else by a damper, according to the season and performance conditions.


The performance of the unit must be chosen higher in line with the fresh air ratio is preferred higher, since the ambient temperature would be more far than the desired temperature for the conditioned room.

The picture on the left hand is arranged by the side fan blowing and top fresh air intake. 

In case this pandemy option is not to be used, fresh air intake is closed by the stainless steel cover as seen.


Anticovid feature is existing currently for all IKARUS indoor units, even self-contianed or fan coil units. Therefore, only by adding required air duct and air grills, optionally all users can use this option.


While the pandemy air conditioning principal is getting a must indoor in many countries, why not on the waves for our health. 

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