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Self-contained units 

for marine applications

IKARUS ISC self contained units have 8 capacity ranges from 6,000 up to 36,000 btu/h cooling capacity. By PC301 digital control unit, your finger touches are able to control the climate of your conditioned room anytime.


IKARUS ISC self contained air conditioners are manufactured with 304 class drain pan, evaporator cabinet and fixing parts. Cu-Ni condenser, blue hydrophilic epoxy coated Cu/Al evaporator. By this way, they have high resistance to the seawater in the long term. Your IKARUS ISC unit is also easy to be installed by 3 fixing elements on a convenient space. Fan body is able to rotate between 0°-90° which enables an easy installation during the installation of air ducts.


Units are reverse-cycle as standard, having all components in a single chassis under compact design of 18 years engineering in the field. Sound level is excellent by the Class Rotary Compressors and quality components that we use.


Since 2020, after pandemy is occrued, ISC series have fresh air mixture section for the prevention of long preiod closed circuit. Once the top of the unit is used for blowing of the fan, side gap remains for fresh air inlet, vice verse if the side gap is used for fan blow, top gap is used for fresh air inlet.


ISC30/36 unit with double blow

ISC Technical Specifications


DIY Kits & Accessories for ISC

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