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Fan Coil Unit

IKARUS IFC fan coil units are manufactured starting from 4,000 btu/h cooling capacity up to any customized capacity. By optional control units, your finger touches are able to control the climate of the conditioned room by the way you like.


IKARUS IFC fan coil units are manufactured with 304 SS cabinet, 304 SS drain pan and blue hydrophilic epoxy coated Cu/Al evaporator. Air filter is fixed in a frame to be removed and washed. Unit has 3 fixing elements to be installed on a convenient space.


Fan is fixed inside the cabinet and during the installation you have options to adjust fan outlet horizontally or vertically according to desired blowing outlet. For ceiling applications, horizontally slim units are available.


For each conditioned room, the required capacity fan coil unit is individually controlled by digital control unit. In order to economize the usage of the fan coil units for the set temperature of the conditioned room, 3-way valve can be used optionally to by-pass the chilled water.

smallart SM2028E .png

IFC Technical Specifications


Accessories for IFC unit

  • 3-way valve

  • PC301

  • PC302

smallart SM2028E .png
  • air grills, plenum box

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