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Our company, combining the market and product experience of 15 years in the marine air conditioning sector, has been established in Izmir, Turkey, in 2004.

We called the upgraded high performed blow of Pratikel on the seawaters by IKARUS brand in 2019.

Advantage of our design and market experience in the field, you will notice our disputed product quality and cost effect on self contained and split type air conditioning systems, besides chiller and fan coil units (air handlers). Also, by our flexibility on special purpose air conditioning systems, we are very responsive to your tailor made projects as well as bulk AC requirements. In the Practices section, you will notice a few areas of custom designed air conditioners that we manufacture.

Our goal is to keep our dynamic and practical R&D solutions alive all the time and having long term partnerships in all international markets, carrying our reputation to the future by IKARUS comfort of Pratikel's 15 years experience.

In the past and the future, at all times, our principal of a trustworthy relationship is the main reason of our expanded business with all IKARUS winged partners.

“Do you know that you can calculate the capacity requirement of your room by a little support from us?”

Please do not hesitate to contact: ikarus@pratikel.com.tr

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