PLG series

IKARUS PLG series watermakers are manufactured with 5 different sizes, from 80 lt/h to 330 lt/h water supply capacity. Body of the units are built by electrostatic powder coated aluminium frame, and 316L stainless steel high pressure pump is used in all ranges. As the manual fresh water flush is included in the standard equipment, automatic version can also be ordered optionally. Automatic salinity monitoring and rejection of non-quality items are features of PLG series. This feature will allow the unit to keep the quality of fresh water at the expected levels and longer life for your IKARUS watermaker. Here are the standard components coming with your PLG series watermaker:

- 316L stainless steel high pressure control valve,

- 316L stainless steel high pressure safety valve,

- 316L liquid filled high and low pressure gauges,

- fresh water flow meter,

- seawater flow meter,

- low pressure shutdown,

- FILMTEC TFC membrane,

- FRP membrane housing,

- 316 stainless steel high pressure fittings,

- 25&5 micron pre-filtering,

- Operating time display.


  • feed pump with 3-way valve for chemical treatment,

  • UV sterilizer,

  • pH neutrelizer.


  • automatic pressure regulator and fresh water flush,

  • remote control.



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