Truck and vehicle air conditioners

Digitally controlled IKARUS ITAC truck and vehicle split units have 3 compact capacity ranges, 9,000, 12,000 and 18,000 btu/h cooling capacity. Condensing side is air cooled made of Cu, indoor side has blue hydrophilic epoxy coated Cu/Al evaporator and 304 class drain pan.


IKARUS ITAC indoor unit is reverse cycle as standard, and also easy to be installed by 3 fixing elements on a convenient space. Fan body is able to rotate between 0°-90° which enables an easy installation during the installation of air ducts.

Sound level is excellent by the Class Rotary Compressors we use. All other components are quality components like Matchwell Pressure Switches, Dunan Reversing Valves and even any screw is stainless steel class.



ITAC Technical Specifications