Wide Marine Applications, sailing boats, motor yachts, super yachts, passenger ships, personnel boats, police boats, navy ships, Caravans, Operating Rooms, engine rooms, Long Way Trucks those have to stop the motor, but needs air-conditioning, Ambulances, even on land or in the sky, in need of quick cooling in case of urgency, Switchboard Cabinets, under high heat thread, are to be cooled for safety or continuous operation, Off-shore plants, efficient cooling by seawatercondensing units.

air conditioning systems



Chilled Water Units

Fan Coil Units

Fridge Systems

Switch Board Cabinets

Caravan ACs

Military and Navy Applications

Special Purpose Air Conditioning


marine watermaker

PSM Compact for 25-49 ft Yachts

PLG Series, for Commercial Ships

PMD Series, for Narrow Spaces

PXL Series, Water Treatment Plants

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