Chilled Water Unit

IKARUS ICW series chilled water units are designed and manufactured under project basis. Danfoss Control System is used, where the compressors are economically operates in order, as well as the compressor start is realized one by one to keep genset supply optimum. Another second control for the wheelhouse may be obtained upon request, in order to observe the chiller operation remotely.


IKARUS ICW chillers are manufactured with 304 class cabinet and fixing parts, 90/10 Cu-Ni condenser and 316 class plate type heat exchanger. Units are reverse-cycle as standard. By capacity there is no limit as long as the space is available, as the starting range is 36.000 btu/h.

You can combine ICW series with IFC series fan coil units that are installed each conditioned room, having RDF300 control units individually. According the required project specifications, inverter versions of chilled water units are also advised and manufactured.


Accessories for Chilled Water Unit

  • Danfoss additional control unit for the wheelhouse,

  • Seawater pump, chilled water pump,

  • Flow switch,

  • Seawater regulation valve,

  • Air vent tank,

  • Expansion vessel,

  • Seawater side installation kit.


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