marine air conditioning

marine air conditioning

leisure boats, commercial ships, personnel, first-aid, navy, boats..

all vehicles air conditioning

all vehicles air conditioning

trucks, caravans, buses..

tailor-made projects

tailor-made projects

special purpose air conditioning

special purpose air conditioning

desired air

desired air

on your finger touches..

cooling all heat sources

cooling all heat sources

switchboards, engines..


over 55 types of products installed worldwide
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Air Conditioning Systems

Self-Contained, Split, Chilled Water Units,

Fan Coil Units, Switch Board Cabinets

Caravan ACs, Military and Navy Applications

Special Purpose Air Conditioning


Marine Watermaker

PSM Compact for 25-49 ft Yachts

PLG Series, for Commercial Ships

PMD Modular Series, for Narrow Spaces

PXL Series, Water Treatment Plants

marine products


hi-end air conditioning technology

of 20 years experience in the sector. We offer economical and flexible solutions of comfort climate with this experience. Success of the technology is simple, it is based on the satisfaction of the user. However, comfort is not sufficient for the human being in the history and in the future. IKARUS was born for this reason...

water treatment solutions

Our company added his new production line for watermaker technologies in 2009 with the increasing demand of the market in this field. We are offering 16 ranges of cost effective watermakers with high engineering and workmanship from 30 lt/h up to 1500 lt/h fresh water production ranges. Higher capacities are available upon request.

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Even your space is a camara, caravan, container or any custom room, if you have dimensions of the area to be conditioned, by a few more information, we can make a design solution with you. We also serve DIY kits for your easy installation or provide technical support for professional installation.

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marine air conditioning
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